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We have a new vision of the world





AppTek是一家提供具有特色的综合性咨询服务的法国公司,具有小型企业的灵活性和应变性。我们深信中国企业,无论其规模大小,在世界市场都举足轻重,都将被视为合作伙 伴。










AppTek确保您的产品在欧洲市场,世界最严格的市场之一, 得到准入和认可。





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We have a new vision of the world


AppTek is a France-based consulting company that offers a unique mix of skills, while keeping the top flexibility and reactivity of small-sized organizations. Our conviction is that Chinese companies will become soon major players in the world, whatever their size is, and will be considered as normal partners.


To help this trend, and apply the famous rule : "be global, act local", we propose to assist B to B industrial companies to adapt the design of their product, address the regulation and conformity issues, and include in their product management process the technical documentation attachments.


AppTek offers : CRH Train

- Strategic Marketing Assistance

- Transverse Project Management

- Product Manuals and

Documentation Optimization...









...to guarantee your product acceptance on European market, one of the most demanding in the World.

Your product features electronic, electro-mechanical or mechanical added value, your company aims to go one step further than its local competitors…


.. contact us through Only Education, our partner in China.



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